The new way to get
travel money.

Rather than buying it from a bank or elsewhere, people in different countries swap with each other.

We believe in simple transparent pricing. We won’t quote 0% commission while hiding our fees in a bad exchange rate. We won’t try and confuse you with different buy and sell prices.

Sign up and start saving today - together we can change the way we change money.

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How It Works



Load your WeSwap account with the amount you want to exchange. You can do this by Bank Transfer.

Your WeSwap account can hold multiple currencies at the same time, including US Dollars, British Pounds, Euros, Norwegian Kroner, Swedish Kronor and Danish Kroner.



Tell us which Currency you need and when you need it by and we'll do the rest. WeSwap will find matches for you or you can Swap with people you know directly.

Your money is Swapped automatically at that moment's real mid-market exchange rate. What's more, swapping with someone you invited to join WeSwap is free!



We'll send you a free WeSwap Prepaid MasterCard which makes it easy to withdraw or spend your money wherever MasterCard is accepted.

The WeSwap Prepaid MasterCard gives you the protection against any fraud that you're used to with any other MasterCard - so you can be sure that you're protected if your card is lost or stolen.

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What does it cost?


WeSwap believe in transparent pricing. Our charge is 1% of every Swap. Simple.

We're confident that we offer the best value in the market. And we love the fact that we do that through the power of our people.

Want something better? How's a real 0%? WeSwap believes in the power of networking. If you introduce a friend to WeSwap, you and your friend won't be charged any fees to Swap - ever. Get foreign currency at the real mid-market exchange rate.

What if there isn't anybody to swap with? We aim to match you as soon as possible, but if WeSwap can't find a match when you need it, we can Swap with you directly - at a 1.5% fee instead - so you've always got the currency you need. We call this "Top-Up".

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