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Free currency exchange. For life.
Zilch. Zero. Nada. Zip.

With WeSwap, rather than buying currency from a bank or elsewhere, people in different countries swap with one another. It's cheaper, more transparent and leaves everyone with more to spend abroad. We call it social currency.

Simple, transparent pricing.

Because you’re swapping, it’s cheaper. People on WeSwap pay just 1%. That’s up to 10 times less than you’d pay at banks, bureaus and airports. 
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It's simple. Load your account with the money you’d like to exchange. You can do this instantly with your debit card, or make a typical bank transfer. 


Tell us which currency you’d like and when you need it by, then let us do the rest. We’ll find people with the currency you need and automatically swap your money. 


We'll send you a free WeSwap Prepaid MasterCard when you sign up, which makes it easy to spend or withdraw your money wherever MasterCard is accepted. 

One card. 16 currencies

The WeSwap card can hold up to 16 different currencies at once, so you can keep your Euros, Dollars, Zloty and Yen in one easy place. 

Last minute currency, without the last minute charges

See real-time balance updates and top up your card in seconds with the app. No more last minute dashes to the nearest bureau. 

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You're in good company

While we’d love to take all the credit, it’s really all down to our global community of travellers. Join the conversation on

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