Say hello to more to spend abroad

Get exceptional rates on travel money every time you go abroad with WeSwap. Fast, backed by MasterCard and up to 90% cheaper than banks and bureaux. We call it Social Currency.

WeSwap makes getting the best exchange rates on travel money simple. 

Rather than buying currency from a bank, we swap your money directly with other people abroad (like Mr Yoshida here). Without middlemen in the picture, everyone gets a better deal.

And it's all done at the click of a button with the multi-currency WeSwap card and app. Say hello to more to spend abroad.

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Because you're swapping with fellow travellers, we always use the real interbank exchange rate and people on WeSwap pay just 1%.

These are the rates our users are getting right now, our fees included.


Load your WeSwap account via debit card or bank transfer with the amount in GBP that you’d like to exchange.


Select which currency you’d like and when you need it by, then let us do the rest. We’ll automatically swap your money. 


Use the free multi-currency WeSwap Prepaid MasterCard to spend or withdraw your money, wherever MasterCard is accepted. 

One card. 18 currencies

Keep your WeSwap card with your passport. Your card can hold up to 18 major currencies at once, including Euros, Dollars, Turkish Lira, Yen and more.  

Money leftover after your trip? Swap into another currency for next time, or swap it back to £ and spend at home. We don't charge any extra for this either.

Last minute currency, without the last minute charges

See real-time balance updates and top up your travel money card in seconds on our mobile app. No more last minute dashes to the nearest bureau.

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