Martin’s top tip for summer holiday savings

Summer holidays are likely to be more expensive this year after the drop in the pound. Many are asking “should I buy holiday money now" as they’re worried that when they get there prices will seem higher. So our Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis is here to answer your questions and give his top tips... Read more

Cuts out hefty bank charges for travellers

Everybody who travels regularly has at some stage fallen victim to extortionate exchange rates at a bureau de change. So what if you could exchange currency directly with real people, cutting out the middle man and the potential for exorbitant fees? Read more

Travel money service could cut the cost of holidays

Robots will soon be issuing personalised holiday spending advice to Britons. Artificial intelligence will be used to tell travellers how much to budget for daily expenses and to help them to buy currency when rates are favourable. Read more

WeSwap adds credit facility to currency exchange platform

To help holidaymakers deal better with any unexpected holiday costs, currency swapping platform WeSwap today announces the launch of WeSwap Credit. Read more

Startup could cut the cost of going abroad

Jared Jesner is the quietly confident CEO of WeSwap – a travel money transfer company that is starting to shake up the way we exchange currency. It’s essentially a peer-to-peer service that lets users swap currency with other users. Read more

Amazon Growing Business Awards

Peer-to-peer travel money service WeSwap are nominated in two categories at the Amazon Growing Business Awards: The Amazon Web Services Digital Business of the Year and the Innovator of the Year. Read more


Bob Atkinson from travel supermarket responds to a listener question about WeSwap in Ibiza at 1:48:30 - Listen


WeSwap is turning the traditional currency exchange business on its head. As the first social travel money exchange website, WeSwap is revolutionising currency exchange by beating high rates and slashing charges to the customer... Read more

how to beat the rip-off merchants

The WeSwap card can be preloaded and converts your money at the official interbank rate (the best rate you will find). Read more

22 biggest crowdfunding campaigns of 2016

With over £2,000,000 raised by almost 3,000 investors - WeSwap became the sixth biggest crowdfunding round of 2016 Read more

Innovation in travel

The Innovation in Travel Award trophy was presented to WeSwap by Paul Broughton. He said: Our winner showed the most potential for disrupting its marketplace and changing how business is done... Read more

Save money by swapping currency

While its ad campaign uses words like “social currency”, it also promises a better deal on travel money. So is it really cheaper? The short answer? Yes... Read more


Rent your holiday home on Airbnb, find a driver with Uber and swap your travel money with another tourist travelling in the opposite direction: if Jared Jesner has his way, the traditional bureau de change will be the next victim of the “sharing economy”.... Read more

WeSwap raises £4.5m

Just one year after launch, peer-to-peer travel exchange service WeSwap has raised $7.5m (£4.5m) in Series A funding. Founded by Jared Jesner and Simon Sacerdoti in late 2013, London-based WeSwap was... Read more


Sourcing currency from people is a far better business model than from banks Read more

Save money before your plane has even taken off

The social concept of being able to swap money directly with others rather than lining the pockets of greedy banks appeals to me. Read more


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