Partner with WeSwap

If you’re a travel provider looking to boost revenue, drive conversion or reward loyalty, WeSwap can help. Partner with us to increase your revenue whilst offering your customers a better travel money product.

Why Us?

We launched in 2015, with one thing in mind: putting power back into the hands of ordinary travellers. We thought, we don’t pay a fortune to change a 20 pound note for 2 tenners, so why do we pay so much to change foreign currencies?

We’re now part-owned by over 3,000 of our users and won Best Travel Money Provider at the British Banking Awards in 2018 and 2019. We’ve seen over £250 million swapped, recruited over 500,000 users and released heaps of new features

Today our mission remains the same: to help travellers everywhere get their currency in the simplest, fairest and most transparent way possible.

How to partner with us

  • Affiliates

    If you are a publisher or content creator apply to our affiliate program through Planit and start increasing your sites revenue.
  • API Partners

    Our simple API can increase your revenue, build your brand and expand your reach. Easily managed through a dedicated platform.
  • Web Partners

    If an API doesn’t quite work for your brand we can also offer partnerships through custom co-branded landing pages. Just get in touch.