How It Works

With WeSwap, saving when you change your money is as easy as load-swap-spend.

Here's an example:


Tom is travelling from the UK to France for his summer holiday. He needs to change his pounds to euros. Marianne is coming from France to the UK. She needs to change euros to pounds.

Tom loads his WeSwap account with his pounds by transferring the money from his bank account and creates a swap saying that he wants to change his pounds to euros.

Marianne loads her account using her debit card, and also creates a swap, saying that she wants to change her euros to pounds.


WeSwap knows that Tom wants to swap his pounds for euros, looks for anybody swapping euros to pounds and finds Marianne doing just that.

Tom and Marianne are matched by WeSwap at the real mid-market exchange rate at that moment. This rate, also known as the interbank rate is the true value of your money.

WeSwap moves Tom’s pounds to Marianne’s WeSwap account and Marianne’s euros to Tom’s WeSwap account.


Great, but how do they get the money?

When Tom and Marianne sign up to WeSwap, we send them both a WeSwap Prepaid MasterCard for free.

When they travel they can use the WeSwap card to spend the foreign currency they’ve “swapped” in their WeSwap account. They can also withdraw that money from ATM’s without being charged fees by WeSwap.