Fees and Limits

Fees are charged in the currency you are swapping into. So if you wish to swap GBP 1,000 into USD, the fee will be charged in USD.

Smart Swap2.0%*
Instant Swap2.0%*
3 Day Swap1.3%
7 Day Swap1.0%

A swap that completes earlier than requested will always be charged at the original swap fee.

* For all users who registered prior to 08/05/2017, the instant and Smart Swap fee is 1.4%

NB: if you make a transaction in a currency other than those listed here, the instant 2% swap fee will apply to all users irrespective of when they registered.

Additional fees

Replacement card£4.95
Chargeback fee£10
Administration fee¹
Refund fee£5
Stamp duty²€5
Inactivity fee³£2
Expired Card Management fee for no usage⁴£2

ATM withdrawal fees

2.5% fee charged for any withdrawal amount above the £250⁵.
Resets every month.

You may also be charged by the operator of the ATM.

Load limits

Min load£10 / €15 / NKr100 / SKr100 / DKr100
Max Single load£3,000⁵
Max daily load attempts5
Max annual load amount£25,000⁵
Max total balance£6,000⁵

Send and receive limits

Monthly transfer limit (send) £2,000⁵
Monthly transfer limit (received)£2,000⁵

Daily limits abroad in 18 wallet currencies

Max ATM withdrawal amount £500⁵
Max ATM withdrawals (including balance checks)2
Max transactions 15

Domestic and outside of our 18 wallet currencies limits

Max ATM withdrawal amount (reset every 7 days)£400
Max daily ATM withdrawals (including balance checks)   2
Max daily transactions15

Domestic and outside of our 18 wallet currencies limits are reset on the 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th of each month (as applicable).

Swap limits

Min Swap Amount£5 / €6 / $7.50 / ₺20 / ₪20 /  DKr 50 / SKr 50 / NKr 50 / NZ$10 / zł25 / S$10 / R100 / A$10 / C$10 / CHF10 / HK$100 / Ft2000 / ¥1000

¹ Fee is chargeable under certain rare circumstances (if you request an additional service from us which we normally do not provide), but we will always notify you in advance if and when the fee applies.

² Fee for residents of the Republic of Ireland only. To be deducted from the balance on the account, or from the first load of the year.

³ Inactivity fee is chargeable if there is no activity on your Account for a consecutive period of 12 months.

⁴ Expired Card Management fee for no usage – starts 12 months after expiry. Applied per month on expired cards with leftover balances.

⁵ Values are equivalent to GBP values unless stated otherwise.