Leftover holiday cash?

If you’ve come home with some spare cash, be it euros, yen, dollars or pretty much any other currency, you can send the notes to us. We’ll load them onto your WeSwap card in GBP, ready to spend or swap.

Not a WeSwapper yet? Learn more about our travel card.

How it works

  • Fill out the form

    Fill out the Buy Back form on the next page. You’ll need your WeSwap account number and sort code.
  • Print & package

    Put your order details and leftover notes in a tamper-proof envelope.
  • Pop it in the post

    Post it to the address on the form. To make sure it arrives safely, use Royal Mail Special Insured Delivery.
  • Receive your credit

    Sit back and relax. As soon we receive your cash, we’ll exchange it and load it onto your card in GBP within 3 working days .


  • Convenience

    Fill out the buy back form. Place your order and post your excess currency to us. 
  • Fast payment

    We will transfer your money to your card in 3 working days.
  • Ready for your next trip

    You don’t have to remember where you put your Euros, the money will be on your WeSwap card safey stored until you go away again.


    I’ve got some coins. Can I send those?

    Unfortunately, our currency buy back scheme can only accept notes, we can’t accept coins.

    What happens if my notes are outdated?

    Countries often update their notes, so we try to keep our system up-to-date and when you select any recently affected currencies you should be notified of the change. 

    We reccomend double checking any currency that you have had lying around for a while before sending them to us. Unfortunately, there is absolutely nothing we can do with them once they get outmoded by the country in question.

    We’ll do our best to make sure our website lets you know when you fill in one of these currencies anyway. But if you have any doubt, then double check just in case. 

    If I send in euros, do I get euros on my card?

    Whichever currency you send to us, we’ll convert into GBP and put the exchanged amount onto your WeSwap Card ready for your next trip.

    Do you accept large denomination notes?

    Sadly, due to the amount of fraud around large denomination notes we can not accept 500 euro notes or 1,000 CHF notes. Countries are starting to phase out some of these high value notes to tackle to fraud problems.

    Where do I send my order?

    Once you start your order, we’ll give you step by step instructions on how, when and where to send your notes.

    Where is my WeSwap account number and sort code?

    You can find you WeSwap account number and sort code by tapping load on your app, then select bank transfer and tap See Details. The screen will display both numbers.

WeSwap Prepaid Card

Cash is great to get you started during those first few days on holiday. For extra safety and convenience, we also have the WeSwap prepaid currency card & app. Simply order your card, top it up, swap your money into your chosen currency and enjoy stress free spending!