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How Much Spending Money Do I Need in San Francisco?

News March 8, 2017
Featured article

Winter in Sydney: a guide for trend-setters

Richard in the office just returned from two weeks in Sydney without a tan. People were shocked. People were disappointed. But they needn't have been, because unlike Antarctica and snow, and unlike Manchester and the rain (just a joke), it’s…
4 min read

What are the factors that move the foreign exchange market?

Because we know he’s a sucker for a challenge, we recently asked our Head of Trading to sum up why the Foreign Exchange markets move... in one sentence! Greg’s “you’re crazy” look, was quickly replaced by a determined furrow of the brow…
5 min read
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9 things you’re unlikely to hear on a budget flight…

Budget airlines are great. They make our holidays cheaper and our choice greater. There isn't much to complain about. But complain we do. We had a bit of fun in the office this week coming up with lines you're unlikely…
2 min read

3 London markets that every traveller should visit

Maybe it's because I'm not from these parts. Maybe it's because I've seen two unlikely childhood heroes of mine (The Artful Dodger and Peggy Mitchell) at their happiest in amongst the bustle. Or maybe it's just because I like a…
4 min read

What is WeSwap? An introduction in pictures.

Still unsure about what WeSwap is? This nifty graphic is here to help explain the basics of WeSwap to friends, family... or yourself if you need a little re-cap! Have a read through, sign up for a free card , and…
1 min read

Moving Abroad: 7 Essential Things to Consider

If you’re seriously thinking about moving overseas in search of a new life, here's our essential list of things you need to get your head around before you start packing, plus a few helpful resources to get you on your…
7 min read

How Much Spending Money Do I Need in San Francisco?

San Francisco is America's most liberal, diverse and progressive city. For a country and a state so vast, and a city with so much going on, geographically it's fairly small (under 50 square miles). So how much do you need…
7 min read

How Much Spending Money Do I Need in Copenhagen?

Copenhagen is an awesome city. It's super modern, super clean and the people are super friendly. That's a lot of super. A lot of mystery still surrounds how much travel money you need for a trip to the likes of…
7 min read