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Day tripping in Osaka: 10 places every traveller should visit

Travel June 5, 2017
Featured article
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Luxury Hotels for a Unique Experience

Grab your pen and notebook, your bucket list is about to get a lot longer. If you are looking to make your next holiday truly memorable then staying in a unique accommodation can provide an experience like no other. All over the…
23 min read

Budget Friendly Tips For Choosing A Perfect Hotel

As a traveler, you always seek that unforgettable holiday filled with adventure, fun, and humour. But for a perfect holiday, there are certain factors which need to be spot-on such as getaways, hotels, and other activities. Amongst them, an ideal hotel plays…
3 min read

How to seek out the best experiences on your travels

The modern traveller is a discerning creature. When we visit new countries and cultures, we no longer want to simply sit by a pool and sunbathe (well, at least not all the time) - we want to experience the world at…
5 min read

Introducing loads by Apple Pay and Android Pay

In our latest app release (out now) there's a little something to make topping up your WeSwap card even snappier. We are delighted to introduce loading your account by Apple Pay and Android Pay to the WeSwap mixer! If you haven't used…
2 min read

WeSpotted – look out for the WeSwap tube ads!

Our summer advertising campaign is now officially live across the London tube network and we have a mission for all you eagle-eyed WeSwappers out there. Share a pic of a WeSwap tube ad on social media with the hashtag #WeSpotted and…
2 min read

WeSwap Travel Cash is here!

You guys told us there were occasions where you’d feel more comfortable arriving with a bit of hard cash in your pockets. And we listened! We are thrilled to introduce a new WeSwap feature that can help make your travels…
2 min read

Day tripping in Osaka: 10 places every traveller should visit

Our guest columnist today is Abby Whitmer. Abby is a free-spirited blogger who wants to "see the whole world". When she's not blogging, she's training for the Appalachian Trail (check it out). As a lover of Asia and Japan, Abby was the…
9 min read

Four great mobile apps for travellers in 2017

The era of traditional travel agents sitting in a brick and mortar shop has almost become a myth for today’s generation. The mobile generation is entirely influenced by the ease and control availed by mobility services. While there’s an app…
5 min read
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Cycling through Eastern Europe: places you have to visit

Since Bradley Wiggins won the Tour de France, cycling's popularity in the UK has surged. So much so that people are even getting on their bikes to go on holiday! Chloe Smith is a business consultant, part-time writer and cycling enthusiast…
7 min read