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News January 18, 2017
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How much spending money do I need in Las Vegas?

One of the trickiest thing about a trip to Las Vegas is knowing how much money you need to budget. The truth is, you could spend hundreds, thousands or millions of dollars quite easily in Vegas, it depends on how…
8 min read

Meet Loki, the travelling dog of North America

Inside most of us there lives a frustrated explorer bursting to get out. The problem is, whenever they threaten to surface and make a bold decision, they get swallowed back down by a sensible side that considers stability, security and…
4 min read

How Much Spending Money Do I Need in Rome?

The WeSwap community spent upwards of £35 million around the world in 2016. That works out at roughly 1.2 transactions every minute. We’ve taken that data, crunched it and created a series of spending guides based on how real travellers…
7 min read

How much spending money do I need in Dublin?

Dublin is one of those cities that always seems to be in a good mood. But how many Euros do you need to budget per day in Dublin? How much do the most popular attractions cost? Do we have any…
7 min read

Living on Atlantis? Kiwi’s reactions to new continent Zealandia

In a twist that Tolkien would have been proud of, the world might actually have a new, eighth continent... And there’s a chance you’ve already been to it. “Zealandia” is submerged beneath the waves in the southwest Pacific Ocean, directly…
2 min read

4 apps that every smart traveller should have

Introducing Martina from Valoso Hub. A writer by day, a reader by night, Martina specialises in digital marketing and information technology content. You can find her online, passionately sharing her views, or offline curled up on her favorite armchair with a…
5 min read

From Milan to Napoli – Italy’s Most Delicious Cheap Pizza

One of the many cool things about having a worldwide community of travellers is that we can gather and share tips from locals everywhere... WeSwap ambassador Gabriele writes for the excellent Emilia Delizia blog. With a keen eye for a bargain and…
5 min read

Using Tinder Abroad: Is it a Good Idea?

As the stigma around online dating fades, most people are quite open and honest about their experiences. Opinions vary, but numbers confirm its popularity worldwide. But is Tinder a good idea when away from your home country? Tinder has an…
3 min read

How to travel in Europe and keep your budget on track

When it comes to living well on a budget, students are in a league of their own. So who better to ask for guidance on touring around Europe than someone who provides students with their advice! Ruth Bushi works for money…
6 min read