We’re record-breakers

News October 28, 2016


The seven days following our crowdfunding launch have been truly remarkable. So much so that it’s been tough condensing them into three highlights.

The long and short of it is that you guys are awesome!

Together, we made history.

With 2281 new part-owners, we already have more investors than any other crowdfunding campaign in Seedrs history.

The response has been phenomenal and we’re extremely proud and humbled. It’s awesome to see that you guys care about what we’re doing as much as we do.

Within hours we had smashed our initial target of £1 million but keen to get as many shareholders as possible – we decided to over-fund. At the time of publication, our investment total stands at £1,872,191 and we have 2,290 investors.

Meet-up at Seedrs HQ.

A big thank you to everyone who came down to our crowdfunding meet and greet in central London on Thursday evening. Great to welcome new investors and some would-be investors to talk crowdfunding… and have some drinks and nibbles, of course!

Jared’s presentation seemed to go down well and it was lovely to catch up with so many of our new shareholders. Also, thanks to Seedrs – consummate hosts and good nibbles.

Andy Murray invested!

Finally, we had the news on Thursday that tennis world no.2 Andy Murray had invested in WeSwap!

He said: “I’m continuing to grow my portfolio through Seedrs and have tried to choose companies from different sectors as much as possible. WeSwap was interesting to me because I travel so much around the world – I thought this was a really clever idea and could immediately see the gap in the market for this business to work”.

Our CEO and founder Jared added

“The aim of WeSwap’s crowdfunding is to make as many of the public – people who use travel money abroad every year – part-owners of the company. We want all our investors to help shape the future of the travel money industry and seeing such high numbers is really encouraging ahead of a year of international growth”.

Thanks everyone for your continued support and remember, if you still want to invest, you can.


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