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News October 11, 2016


There are certain points in the lifetime of a business that feel legitimately important. It’s a hard thing to quantify – this feeling that you’re on the right track, but that big things need to happen to enable that next step and they need to happen now. It’s a heady, exciting thing, and is one of the reasons I joined WeSwap as the Head of Product towards the beginning of the year.

Since then, the lovely people here at WeSwap (and they ARE lovely) have rebranded from the ground-up as well as lots of that under-the-hood work that you rarely see – functionality including adding the ability to upload your identity documents directly in the app, upgrading our anti-fraud and compliance automation, or working on system performance so everything happens that little bit snappier.

And on top of all that, we’re inviting our travellers to become our shareholders! Yes, you can own a part of WeSwap.

But before you pre-register your interest, you’re probably wondering what we have planned? Well, we have big ideas for the WeSwap platform, and an aggressive plan to try and get there. Here is a list of some of the initiatives on our list for the next quarter and beyond:

Clarity and Simplicity

We know that not everything on the WeSwap platform is quite as perfect as it could be. We want to change that, here are a few things we’ve got planned:

  • Brand new load/swap interface
  • Better registration flows
  • Integrate ApplePay and other online payment options
  • Recurring loads.

On top of that we’ll be doing a much better job of highlighting stuff like limits and rules so that you never get unexpectedly caught out when travelling. We all work hard for our holidays – we want to be making yours better, not adding to the stress.

Getting smart around your travelling

What is helpful to you when you’re travelling is not necessarily what’s helpful to you when you’re home.

  • Become Location aware. Location awareness is critical in delivering a frictionless experience for all WeSwappers, and is one of our core focus areas for us in 2017.
  • We also want to make it easier to look back at previous trips, understand your spending, and use that to help your planning on future trips.

Tap into the power of the People’s Currency Exchange

You, and the rest of our amazing, intrepid travelling community do a whole bunch of interesting things when you travel. We want to use all the lovely data you generate to help other WeSwappers have the holiday of a lifetime.

  • Budgeting tools,
  • Local destination info
  • WeSwapper spending tips based upon what YOU recommend.

That’s people power!

New product lines

We have a vision to help you stress less and travel happy. That doesn’t just extend to swapping money just before you leave. We’ll never stray far away from the travel currency realm, but we’d love to develop options to:

  • Provide credit facilities
  • Emergency funds
  • Insurance,
  • …all through the power of P2P.

The way we see it is that we are infinitely stronger as a group, and we can all share the benefits of that strength with more drinks on the beach, more day trips to the water park, and definitely more pizza. Lots and lots of pizza…

And this is where you can help us. As an investor and part-owner of WeSwap, we want your ideas and your feedback on upcoming features and ideas. The next chapter of our growth is going to be super exciting, and we want you to come along for the ride! Up for it? Excellent!

Martin Stocks

Head of Product

To find out more, visit www.weswap.com/invest

Investing in start-ups involves risks, including loss of capital, illiquidity, lack of dividends and dilution, and it should be done only as part of a diversified portfolio.


Javed khan

13 October 2016

I travel around Asia often and would love to see WeSwap operate in Indian and Pakistani currencies asap. A very big market out there!


14 October 2016

Hi Javed, we're going to be expanding into Asian markets very soon. We actually hope to have WeSwap available all over the world before too long. Thank you.

Gavin Critchley

13 October 2016

Love what you are doing. You are given permission to continue to disrupt.


14 October 2016

Haha, thanks Gav. Great to have you onboard - hopefully soon as a shareholder too...

John Pickard

15 October 2016

Hi - a happy weswsap user on a recent trip to Australia. Just wondering if you're considering adding Brazilian reais to the list..?


18 October 2016

For sure - we'd love to add every currency going and hope soon that your WeSwap card will work all over the world. Thanks

Christopher McTavish

17 October 2016

Had a lot of trouble with a prepaid credit card and my normal MasterCard in China and at ATM's unless it was a western bank like HSBC but very few of them, unless you're in the centre of a big city. A card with the Chinese card UNION logo on it would be valid all over China.

Tony Cross

17 October 2016

Would be nice to have in credit balance interest paid even if it was only 0.5%.

Richard Smith

06 November 2016

Hi Martin, YES! I have invested in WeSwap and request two things, first, additional currencies, South African Rand, and AED Dirham, ASAP as I'm in both in December! Second request, availability of more than one card on my account, at least two?


21 November 2016

Hi Richard, they are both currencies we are looking at. We hope that you'll be able to use our card everywhere before too long! Again, two cards is definitely on the radar but I can't give you an exact date today. Thank you.

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