Expense it! New in the app: tag and export trip expenses

News April 10, 2018


Calling all road warriors, business travellers and roaming professionals – this one’s for you!

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of submitting business trip expenses in different currencies, you’ll know how much of a hassle it can be… excel sheets, receipts, sifting through statements – it’s a pain. For you and the guys in accounts.

So, we’ve built a little something to help. You can now tag and export expenses in just a few taps in the latest version of the app.

It’s a doddle. Here’s how it works:

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To tag an expense, just swipe left on an activity and tap – you guessed it! – “Expense”. This will mark it with a nice blue line for easy identification later.

Any activity, including transactions, loads, swaps or fees, is taggable as an expense in this way.

To un-tag, just swipe again and hit “Remove Expense”.  Easy peasy.

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Then when you’re ready to export, tap Share green choose the date range you want and hit “Export CSV”. This will generate a CSV file that you can send on or save for later.

NB – You can export any transactions in this way, not just expenses. Simply choose all activities on the export screen 😊

On the file you’ll find the date, the amount, the transaction category and the status, all laid out in clear, easy to read columns to make admin and claiming expenses back super easy.

Less currency mental maths and receipt-hunting at month end = quicker reimbursement and more time planning what to spend it on.


Help us build WeSwap for business!

This is just start – it’s the first in a series of features and tools we’re building to make using WeSwap a pleasure for both business and leisure. AKA Bleisure. Yes – it’s a thing.

We’re looking for anyone interested in helping us develop this side of WeSwap. If you travel often for business, or if you own a business you think would be interested in spending smarter overseas, please leave your details here. We want to build this with you all involved.

And as always, let us know how you get on with these new features in the comments.

Happy expense-ing!

The WeSwap Team


Sylvia Timmins

12 April 2018

I love shopping for clothes and shoes and accessories


12 April 2018

This looks fantastic, which means that I will no longer have to do a pencil and paper exercise. I am looking forward to getting it set up for my next trip. Will I be able to pick up previous tractions?


13 April 2018

Hey Trevor - great! Yep you can go back as far as you like :) Do let us know how you get on on your trip!

John Christensen

13 April 2018

It would be more useful if the exported spreadsheet had the amount converted into the users home currency, british pounds in my case, some of the fields are already there in the spreadsheet, but not populated with values

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