WeSwapper Stories: Email from Chris

Travel September 23, 2016
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WeSwapper Stories: Email from Chris

We always like to hear from WeSwappers out on their travels, but this email really made us smile... "Hi We just wanted to drop you a quick line to say thanks! Just over two years ago, me and my partner…
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WeSwapper Stories: Things to do in Stockholm

WeSwap product manager Olivia has just returned from her first trip to Stockholm. She kindly brought us back a whole load of tips - as well as duty-free Toblerone - but before we hear Liv's insights, some reasoning behind Scandinavia's recent…
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ATMs & Card Machines abroad: The Golden Rule

When an ATM or card machine asks if you'd like to accept an exchange, there's only one right answer... always say no. Always refuse any conversion, always choose the local currency for the country you're in.  Just say no way, José. But it's still so easy to be…
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7 tips to take fantastic holiday snaps on your smartphone

We all have that one friend that always seems to effortlessly take incredible holiday snaps using only their smartphone. In all likelihood it isn’t a natural gift, they’re just following a few simple pointers. To help you to fully capture…
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5 Books That Will Inspire You to Travel

For lots of us, one of the great joys of travel is having some extra time to read. Whether that's on a plane, in a hammock or on an overnight coach journey - a book is a compelling (and relaxed)…
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10 Essential Tips for Packing Light

We've never met a traveller who, after five trips, bragged: “Every year I pack heavier". From the moment you set off for your flight, to the moment you arrive home and try to jam all your dirty laundry into the…
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Event of the Month: The flying Tomatoes of Tomatina

For 364 days of the year, Buñol is a sleepy Valencian town of 9,000 inhabitants where nothing much of interest happens. However, on 31st August at 11am things will look a little different… By 11am the town will have quadrupled…
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WeSwapper Rhys takes on the infamous Bullrun

‘Cycling 8 hours towards Pamplona from Bilbao gave me a lot of time to consider a number of gruesome injuries that could be inflicted from running away from 15 bulls.’ WeSwapper Rhys chose an unconventional way to arrive at the…
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People-Powered Surprises: Instagram

We founded WeSwap to put power back into the hands of ordinary travellers like you and us. Nobody should be worrying about poor exchange rates when there’s a perfect sunset to watch (and take a selfie in front of). So this…
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