Couple walking by the sea

How Will Brexit Affect our Holidays?

The post-referendum dust has started to settle, but there are still necessary questions around its implications for us travellers. Namely, how will Brexit affect our holidays?

Although not everything has become 100% clear yet, here’s what we know today – and we’ll keep updating this blog as we know more. If you do have any questions, please pop them in the Comments section at the bottom.  Read More

Andorra option 2

Andorra: The Best Budget Ski Trip in Europe

As we’ve said in the past, heading to the slopes pre-peak (November/December) or post-peak (March/April), is a fantastic idea.

Andorra, a microstate locked between Spain and France in the Pyrenees mountains, is arguably the best budget ski trip in Europe. Liam, our content man, has been twice and come up with six good reasons why.

Read More

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