The 5 Best Christmas Markets in Europe

Berlin, Strasbourg, Budapest, Vilnius, Krakow – all claim to host the best Christmas market.

M&S, Pret, Boots, Sainsbury’s, Co-op – all claim to make the best Christmas sandwich.

Forget Father Christmas – these are the real questions of modern Yule Tide.

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Exchange Money

This is why swapping is the smart way

So you’ve got your well-deserved holiday sorted and the only thing left is getting your money. You then find yourself on the high-street looking for the closest bureau de change, or you decide to rely on your own bank card.

The problem is, £5.6 billion in travel money was lost by the British public in 2015 to hidden rates and commissions. On top of that, the pound recently plummeted to a 30-year low post-Brexit.

So why is that banks and bureaux are so expensive and more importantly, is there a cheaper way to get your foreign currency?

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