Cambodian Riel

How Best to manage your money in Cambodia

Whether you’re taking a one, two, three or four-day tour of Angkor Wat, joining a bar crawl on Siem Reap’s Pub Street or hammock swinging in Sihanoukville, Cambodia has something for every traveller, from the history buff to the party animal to the beach bum.

Cambodia is possibly the most complex South East Asian nations when it comes to money management, this owing mostly to the use of up to three different currencies at once, but our handy blog aims to remove those complexities, whether it’s riel, baht, dollars or all three at once. Read More

Crete Beach

How much spending money for Crete?

Crete has been home to ancient Romans, Venetians, the Ottoman Empire and the world’s most famous half man-half bull, the Minotaur. These days it’s mostly ruins, LOTS of ruins, stunning beaches and some of the tastiest food in the Med.

Crete can feel a little like a country within a country and the island is now a mezze platter of rural little towns, small cities, heaving tourist spots and an unhealthy amount of tour organisers. Prices vary greatly and trying to get a grip on how much money you’ll need for Crete can be tricky. Read More

Group Travel

Top Tips For Travelling With A Group

Group travel is great but it’s hard to maintain those pre-holiday levels of excitement as you argue with your parents over whether to sit by the pool or visit a Roman fort. Or, as you stare in silence as the waiter places the bill in the centre of your friends and you attempt to subtract two tap waters and a bag of crisps from a €200 tab.

As travellers ourselves, we understand that group travel can have its ups and downs and that if not kept under a close eye those downs have the potential to sour a great trip.

So, we’ve consulted the experts, we’ve looked back on our own travels, we’ve remembered where it all went wrong and, more importantly, where it all went right and we’ve put together this handy little list of our top tips for travelling with groups. Read More

iStock-531794390 (1)

How Much Spending Money do I need for Paris?

Paris, the city of love, art, and fashion. Home to many of the worlds most famous monuments and landmarks. A city connected by wide boulevards lined with cafes, boutiques, and bistros. Luxury and fine taste are synonymous with Paris but how expensive it? What are the costs of everyday things like a glass of wine, or the price of a taxi from the airport? Read More

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