Your Swap Stories – 1

Call us nosy, but we’re constantly looking to hear about how our users get on with WeSwap – what they like, what they don’t like, all of it. Recently we got in touch with one user who, having lost out to poor exchange rates and bank fees when travelling from London to her hometown in Ireland, heard about WeSwap and decided to give us a go. Here she has very kindly agreed to share how she got on… Read More


Europe’s best (and quirkiest) Firework Displays

The USA may have the 4th July, but we’d wager that these displays closer to home are more than capable of giving our friends across the pond a good run for their money. Here’s a round up of Europe’s best and brightest firework displays, along with the unique charms that we think make them especially smashing. Read More


WeSwap Update October 2013

Since we opened our doors to our first customers in July you may have noticed that we’ve been keeping our hands busy and our mouths shut, blog wise. Instead we’ve been beavering away on a whole host of updates to make WeSwap slicker, speedier and more useful to our travellers. Here’s what we’ve been getting up to:   Read More

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