Welcome Love Home Swap Members

Welcome to WeSwap! It’s super-exciting to introduce more happy travellers to our peer-to-peer travel money platform - Hi! We love what the guys over at Love Home Swap are doing, and we know you do too – so we’ve got that common already.

3 November 2016

Come and own a part of WeSwap - A Message from our founder

Considering the WeSwap idea was born in the world’s most boring queue at Heathrow airport – it’s ironic that today is so exciting. Today we invite our users to become part-owners of WeSwap.

12 October 2016

This is why swapping is the smart way

So you've got your well-deserved holiday sorted and the only thing left is getting your money. You then find yourself on the high-street looking for the closest bureau de change, or you decide to rely on your own bank card. The problem is, £5.6 billion in travel money was lost by the British public in 2015...

12 October 2016

The Cost of Travel Money

How much do you really pay for your travel money? This graph shows how much travel money costs from three main sources. Your credit/debit card will normally cost around 3.5%, a high-street bureau such as the Post Office will charge around 5% and an airport exchange – the most expensive option out there – will cost a whopping 11% for the pleasure. One of the most frustrating...

10 October 2016

WeSwap meets Antonia

Antonia Vanbergen is a 29-year-old financial controller from Kent. She's a frequent traveller and recently returned home from a big trip to the US. Given her profession and thirst for travel, we thought she'd be a good person to catch up with about her WeSwap experiences. We were right!

5 October 2016

WeSwapper Stories: Email from Chris

We always like to hear from WeSwappers out on their travels, but this email really made us smile...

23 September 2016

WeSwapper Stories: Things to do in Stockholm

WeSwap product manager Olivia has just returned from her first trip to Stockholm. She kindly brought us back a whole load of tips - as well as duty-free Toblerone - but before we hear Liv's insights, some reasoning behind Scandinavia's recent surge in popularity with travellers.

14 September 2016

ATMs & Card Machines abroad: The Golden Rule

When an ATM or card machine asks if you'd like to accept an exchange, there's only one right answer... always say no. Always refuse any conversion, always choose the local currency for the country you're in.  Just say no way, José. But it's still so easy to be duped.  Here's why, and how to avoid it once and for all. 

7 September 2016

7 tips to take fantastic holiday snaps on your smartphone

We all have that one friend that always seems to effortlessly take incredible holiday snaps using only their smartphone. In all likelihood it isn’t a natural gift, they’re just following a few simple pointers. To help you to fully capture your adventures, and maybe get a few more likes on Facebook, we’re sharing some tips...

1 September 2016
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