Shareholder Perks

Check out all of the exciting perks you can get as a WeSwap shareholder – including our swanky investor card. These extras are all on top of part-ownership, of course!

WeSwap shareholder perks


You’ll also become a part of something much bigger: by investing in WeSwap you’re helping us to re-shape the world of travel money. Exciting times ahead.



  1. I hope you will be able to make available the ‘invester card’ beyond the first one thousand to invest – it would be a nice gesture to those giving their financial support.

  2. I’ve used Weswap for 2 trips to Eurozone.
    It took a few transactions before I really ‘got it’.
    Get the message out: it really works!

  3. We have used our WeSwap Card for a trip to Australia in February and a trip to Germany & Austria in June 2017. The WeSwap card worked well for cash withdrawals at ATMs and for paying for meals, tickets etc as a MasterCard. The exchange rates were excellent and charges were low for both Australian Dollars and Euros, which is great with the fall in the value of Pound Sterling this year.

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