How to do London on a budget: from someone who lives in London

Yes, London can be a bit pricey.  In fact, it’s recently been listed as the priciest place to live in the world, but all that really means is that those of us lucky (or daft) enough to live, sleep and work in the Big Smoke know a lot about doing things on the cheap. I’d even put my neck on the line and say that London can actually be pretty good value destination for those prepared to do their homework. Read More


Moving to Berlin: Everything You Need to Know

Without a doubt, Berlin is a top contender for the crown of ‘most exciting city on the planet’. Boasting an undeniably artsy vibe, a very affordable lifestyle and an all-night party scene, there’s no better place to be for creative types the world over. So, if the German capital is the only place you want to be seen right now, follow our go-to guide to becoming a resident of The Grey City. Read More


“It flew like a wingless pigeon”: 15 Brilliant Brazilian Football Expressions

It is said that when Brazil lost to Uruguay in the final of the 1950 World Cup the entire nation mourned. The heartbreak was so profound that a name was created for the disaster – the “Maracanaço” – in much the same way as an earthquake or hurricane might be titled.

Such is the fundamental social importance of football in Brazil. And as might be expected of a cultural phenomenon of this scale, over the years Brazilian football has developed a unique language of its own. And it’s brilliant.

Here are 15 of the best Brazilian football expressions. Read More


An End to Armrest Wars? 6 Innovations Tackling Travel Nuisances

Travelling is, for the most part, quicker, easier and smoother than it ever has been before. And yet, despite countless advancements in design and technology over the last decade or so, there are some travel challenges that just seem set on sticking around.

While we’ve still got a bit of a way to go before traveling is entirely the pain free, pleasant experience we’d all love to enjoy, here are six new ideas that set out to solve some of the more enduring travel niggles. Read More

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