Spending Money in the USA: The Ultimate Guide

From shopping in New York and skiing in Denver, to surfing the Big Sur and sailing the Mississippi – you are able to experience almost anything in the United States of America.

But whilst the endless list of possibilities makes for exciting reading, the disparity in costs from state to state, city to city, or coast to coast, makes budgeting a nightmare

So we’ve done our research, and looked at data from our own travellers, to put together this US spending guide which covers nationwide trends like ATM charges, tipping and hotel etiquette.

We’ve also created tailored spending guides for New York City and Orlando based on how real travellers spend there. Read More


What Brexit Means For Your Travel Money – In Plain English

Brexit update Tuesday 28/06

We’ve waived our 7-day swap fee for today and tomorrow!

There’s still lots of uncertainty around what Brexit means for our travel money this summer.

While we can’t predict exactly what’s going to happen – nobody can – we can do our bit to help make sure we all get the fairest possible rate for our holidays, whatever the market.

So today we’ve removed our seven-day swap fee for all WeSwappers, from now until midnight tomorrow. Read More


3 Startups Putting LA Back on the Tech Map

2015 has been another great year for start-ups. As precocious teams earn more respect, funding increases and great ideas are developed.

San Francisco sems to take all the headlines but a mere 400 miles south of Silicon Valley, there’s a forgotten tech hub brimming with talent.

Southern California AKA SoCal, is poised and ready for a big 2016. Here are three LA-based start-ups ready to make huge strides in the new year. Read More

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