20 Superstar Travel Apps

While we all love and use the clearly brilliant WeSwap app for managing our travel money, it’s not the only tool we have in our travel tech arsenal. From the very new to established stalwarts, here are 20 top travel apps we think make travelling genuinely easier, faster, cheaper or merrier in 2014. Read More


[Infographic] The hidden costs of forgotten holiday items

We’ve all been in that situation where you unpack your suitcase at your hotel and realise you’ve forgotten a vital item. But thanks to inflated exchange rates and overseas card charges, how much could it really end up costing to re-purchase those items abroad?

We decided to take a look, and the results make for some eye watering figures…



Your Swap Stories – 1

Call us nosy, but we’re constantly looking to hear about how our users get on with WeSwap – what they like, what they don’t like, all of it. Recently we got in touch with one user who, having lost out to poor exchange rates and bank fees when travelling from London to her hometown in Ireland, heard about WeSwap and decided to give us a go. Here she has very kindly agreed to share how she got on… Read More

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